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A good moderation and Ticket Service bot; over 100+ commands! Basically made for helping the mods! This bot is even great for having fun and to engage people in your server, as it has a lot of meme generator commands and also have global chat and dialing system. Configuring the bot is relatively easy too. It can be found here

Bot Setup

- Bot Prefix

Default prefix is $ or @Parrot#9209 (Mention) but if you found is difficult to type you can change the bot prefix. But you can't change the @Parrot#9209 as prefix. Also, prefix is case sensitive and length of prefix must be less than 6 character

[p]serverconfig botprefix YOUR_PREFIX_HERE 

- Moderator Logging

You must be aware what command is being used on whom by whom, especially Mod commands. Parrot can log every action whenever the mod command like kick ban is used. Pass None if you want to remove

[p]serverconfig actionlog [CHANNEL]

- Mute Role

As every moderation bot there is one thing, setting up MUTE_ROLE. Parrot can do it without you setup. As per Parrot Bot defination Mute Role should not have send_messages permissions. But you can change that too. Pass None if you want to remove

[p]serverconfig muterole ROLE

- Moderator Role

Sometimes giving permissions kick ban can be dangerous. If people are not trust worthy. Mod role are like you can use the mod command even if you aren't having real server permission. Pass None if you want to remove

[p]serverconfig modrole ROLE

Global-Chat Setup

This thing is insane. Feature inspired from World Chat bot. Configuring the #global-chat is kinda easy too.

- Making the channel

You yourself don't need to do that to be honest. Once you trigger the command bot will create a channel (and webhook of that channel) on the top of the server. Once the channel is created, you can change it's or and whatever you want to do with that.

[p]serverconfig gchat

- Ignore-Role in #global-chat

Again there are anonying people who just spam. People with ignore role can't chat in #global-chat. Pass None if you want to remove. [I didn't test this feature yet, if incase the this thing is not working then let me know]

[p]serverconfig gsetup ignorerole ROLE

Telephone Setup

Another insane feature, I am still improving this. Inspired by Yggdrasil Bot. You can talk to other server people without joining it.

- Channel Setup

Like in real life your telephone is fixed at a point. Not like Cell Phone. So similarly all kind of calls are made in that channel.

[p]telsetup channel [CHANNEL]

- Member Ping

This is usual that how we come to know someone is calling. Pass None if you want to remove. [I didn't test this feature yet, if incase the this thing is not working then let me know]

[p]telsetup memberping MEMBER

- Ping Role

What if the member is offline? You can ping the Role if you want. Pass None if you want to remove. [I guess @everyone would work too]

[p]telsetup pingrole ROLE

- Block

Some server are really anonying. Like the continously make phone calls. Just to disturb by pinging. You can block those cringe.

[p]telsetup block SERVER

- Unblock

Suppose the cringe server is now DMing your to forgive them. LOL. And they said not doing those thing again.

[p]telsetup unblock SERVER

Ticket Setup

If you are unaware then let me know Parrot Support ticket system very nicely. Setting up is easy too. Uff

- Reaction

Ticket can be created on reaction basis. This can be setup easily by:

[p]ticketconfig auto [CHANNEL] [MESSAGE]

- Category

This is optional. By default all the ticket channel are created on the top of the server. If you setup the category then all new category will be created in that category.

[p]ticketconfig setcategory CATEGORY

- Add Admin

There should be Ticket Moderator. Isn't it? This command gives all users with a specific role access to the admin-level commands of Parrot Ticket Bot ONLY

[p]ticketconfig addadminrole ROLE

- Remove Admin

When you find that ticket mod you choose don't deserve to be mod. Isn't it? This command removes all users with a specific role access to the admin-level commands of Parrot Ticket Bot ONLY

[p]ticketconfig deladminrole ROLE

- Access to Ticket Channel

This role is important if you want your mods to get the access to that channel

[p]ticketconfig addaccess ROLE

- Remove Access from Ticket Channel

When you find the mods aren't really use full when channel is created. So you decided to remove them.

[p]ticketconfig delaccess ROLE

- Logging Setup

Logging is somewhere important if you run a dedicated server and want to know every single action.

[p]ticketconfig setlog [CHANNEL]

- Ping Role

Sometimes its needed to be get pinged when the new ticket is created.

[p]ticketconfig addpingedrole ROLE

- Remove Ping Role

Now, if you want to remove the role if you don't want that role to be get pinged.

[p]ticketconfig delpingedrole ROLE


  1. Member having admin-level can not have access to the ticket channel unless they have access role. admin-level can change the access and pinged-role setting ONLY.

  2. Bot will moderate indiscriminately. Means it hardly care about the role level. So it is advised to place the bot role below the staff role or moderator role.

Almost every command is listen here Note: Not all commands are listed. Consider doing $help for more info, $help <cmd_name> for command info, or $help <cat_name> for category info.

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